Self-Hostage with ShirAI

  1. Bug description
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    Managed to soft lock omega with myself when surrendering during siding against AI in private match.
  2. Bug reproduction steps

Host Private Match.
Invite ShirAI Bot.
Start game.
Play cards, then surrender.
Continue to siding.
In Siding, hit ESC or click “X” in top left of screen.
Click “Yes” when asked to surrender.

Background will change from the “siding” background, “Connecting to server” background, but siding window will still be open.

Click “Finished” in the siding window. You are now soft locked.
View will be changed to the Player Profiles view with the siding timer, but no opponent (AI).
When timer counts down, nothing will happen.

Closing Omega and reopening it WILL NOT connect you to the room, which means that you can simply do that to escape the soft lock, but may also give a clue as to why this happens.
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  2. Expected behavior
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I should be able to surrender from the siding window between matches and not have to close Omega to escape a soft lock.

Reading through other bug reports, this may be connected to this bug report: Game stuck at Siding

Though not much information is given.