Selene Copying Previous text for activation

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    Used Odd-eyes Vortex to negate an opponennt’s card activation, with the notification to return a card to the deck. In the next chain, activated Selene, Queen of the Master Magicians, the game prompted me with the same text, to “Select a Card to return to the Deck”, when I was actually being needed to select my counter removals.

Update: Reproduced a similar scenario using Tornado Dragon activation and resolution, and Selene in the next chain. The Selene Text read “Select Target to Destroy”.
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    None, functioned correctly.

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    The text prompt should have read something along the lines of “Remove # counters from the field”

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Hmm, well I checked the strings for Selene and they are correct:

This aligns with the script where “Place Counters” should be str1 and “Special Summon” is str2.

Next, I checked Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon, whose script doesn’t contain any strings. Instead it uses the Duel.Hint(HINT_SELECTMSG,tp,HINTMSG_RTOHAND) and Duel.Hint(HINT_SELECTMSG,tp,HINTMSG_TODECK). These two hints are the ones you get for “Select a card to return to hand” and “Select a card to return to the Deck” respectively.

I’ll have to reproduce this, but I’m guessing that Odd-Eyes Vortex activated to negate a Spell/Trap Card and then Selene’s effect was chained to Special Summon a monster. Then you said that its text appeared wrong. Was this in the same chain or a new chain?

@Lyris You can tell me if there is any mistake in Selene’s script. If there isn’t, I’ll need to talk to Kunogi.

The hint messages for Odd-Eyes Vortex are correct:

HINTMSG_RTOHAND =505 --Select a card to return to the hand
HINTMSG_TODECK =507 --Select the card(s) to return to Deck

To clarify since I have seen some of the verbiage you’re using,

Selene’s Hint text seems to be copying the text from the previous activation that the player controlling her does.

In both scenarios I have tested, It has been the 1) activation of the controller’s card and 2) resolution of that card, then 3) New chain activation of Selene. Selene’s help text then copies the help text displayed of the previous hint text. In the case where I tested Tornado Dragon, it displayed “Select Target to destroy” on from the activation of Tornado, and in the case of Odd-eyes Vortex Dragon, it showed the help text of HINTMSG_TODECK =507 listed above.

I would believe that the script for Selene is correct, as it functions properly, allowing the summon, but the hint text seems to be bugged somehow. I’m sure this isn’t a major issue, but the first case that I’ve seen of it. I’ll test other spell counter cards later today to see if they have a similar hint text issue.

Ok I think we fixed this. It was the “Remove Spell Counter” hint not appearing for Selene. You can test this again after the next update and check.

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Looks Good to me! I’ve gotten the correct prompt now! Thank you for the fix!

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