"Sand Moth"'s effect not activating

  1. Bug description
    Sand Moth is supposed to special summon with it’s ATK & DEF reversed if it’s destroyed in face-down defence position, this is not happening.

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    I set Sand Moth in face-down defence position and my opponent’s monster destroyed it, then nothing happened. It wasn’t automatically special summoned nor was there any option for me to manually do it.

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
    I should be able to special summon Sand Moth with it’s ATK/DEF reversed.

  5. What OS are you using

May I please have a replay? Also, what destroyed it: an attack, or Recon’s effect?

It was an attack, and unfortunately I have played another game since then so I don’t have the replay.
I can try set it up again though gimmie a minutes lol

Then this is a correct interaction.

Wait so if it gets destroyed by an attack it doesn’t count?

Correct, since the monster is flipped face-up during the Damage Step.

Damn I thought it was a bug, the effect is just not as good as I thought :sweat_smile::sob:

Thanks for your help anyway

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