Runick Quick-Play Spells not activateable after cancelling first activation

Bug description
This bug occured to me in 2 different matches:

  1. It’s enemy player turn.
  2. I get asked if i want to activate runick quick play
  3. click yes, then (in the screen where i can choose if i want to summon or use the according runick effect) cancel the activation via right click. activation gets cancelled and enemy gets to play.
  4. for the rest of the turn, you cant activate the card you just cancelled (which should still be able).

This is a fairly new bug as i can’t remember it happened in past times to me

Bug reproduction steps

just follow steps 2 and 3 and this should happen. I dont know if its something that happens occasionally or is always reproducable. also dont know if this bug only lasts for duration of the turn or of the duel and if other archetypes/cards are affected by this bug.

Expected behavior
The card should still be activateable after cancelling. Also (as per YGOOmega UI) it didn’t hit the field, so you shouldnt be forced to choose one and the card should remain in hand still activatable.

What OS are you using
Windows-11 Pro


I have confirmed that this is a bug and am adding it to the list of current bugs.

Thank you for this report.