Rude Modderator(?¿)

I joined a random dule against a deck i didnt want to play against, so i just said nope and surrendered. User followed me to my next lobby and harrased me. Says he is a Mod here, the rest you can read.

User involved replied to the post, a third party would be the fair way. I dont feel safe if this is how mod power is used in your game.

Yes thats correct. I’m a moderator and there’s nothing rude about following you to a duel. As we’ve stated as a disclaimer in settings for Chat that we do not moderate chat and you can turn it off. Chat is disabled by default. Otherwise, you accept the consequences.

Joining your duel to laugh at you surrendering when you used an OP earth machine deck is not harassment. It was one game. I didn’t follow you through multiple duels.

In the future, if you can’t handle chat in-game, turn off chat. The setting works in real-time, even when in a game.

I want another mod to review this

i do not consider this solved since you are involved, either another one comes in to mediate or i just file another report of power abuse

I told you I would be waiting for your report. No rules were broken by messaging in your duel as a spectator. Sorry if that’s not the outcome you wanted.

This is not fair and you know very well, thats power abuse

please bring another moderator to review this, if he says the same i will drop it

you are involved party, and if you know how modderating works, means you cant review a report with you involved

No it’s not. You’re making a report for no reason and wasting our time. Chat is unmoderated and no rules were broken. What exactly do you think is going to happen here? Another mod tell me not to message people in duels? Be realistic. You wasted my time joining my duel to just surrender and now you’re upset that I joined your duel (where you bully weaker decks with OP Earth Machine) and called you out on quitting? What was it you said? Let it be?

either another mod comes or you are admiting to moderation abuse

If another mod comes, sure. I’m not telling them to as I’m not having them waste their time. There’s no “abuse” here.

so you are using your power to avoid other mods from reviewing the post, ill keep this screenshots

This post is available to all mods. I’m just not going to tell them “hey come look at this guy thats mad I laughed at him”. If you want to try another mod, you can join the discord and try asking another one to look.

have a merry christmas, i will report this in another time then since you seem to use your power

I mean, I am a moderator and I’m going to defend myself lol. I’ll be waiting for your other reports. I would suggest turning chat off in the future if you can’t handle any kind of negative conversation. God bless and Merry Christmas.

a modderator shouldnt be someone who abuses a unmuted chat to insult and laugh at others, it means you are not leading any example in moderation in the creation of a unsafe enviroment.

Unsafe? It’s not unsafe to laugh at you for quitting a casual duel and wasting my time. What would be unsafe is making threats to find you in real life or continuing to follow you in multiple duels, call you names, insult you, etc.

You have very thin skin for 2022 and should work on that. People are going to say and do mean things. Again, you can turn off chat and even just mute spectators only so outsiders won’t be seen. No one, even other mods, are going to moderate what happens in chat. That is why we have a disclaimer.

and if its so much of a waste of time, you dont need to reply here anymore and let other read for themselves the situation without being the ones involved, thats not how you resolve this and i bet anything in the world that you are doing this wrong, you might want to backstep buddy it might cost you

I’m not worried about anything.


After reviewing this situation, I do not consider this either abuse of power, or harassment.
We do not moderate chat, this includes chat involving a moderator. If you choose to keep chat unmuted, you agree to accept all consequences of what happens in chat. If you do not want to interact with people on Omega, you have the ability to block them on discord, which blocks all communication through Omega as well.

Merry Christmas