Roller Baller doesnt have the option to activate

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I’m not give any response while having roller baller on field w another GP monster and pin baller in ED

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    your replay code

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can you please try to wirte a step by step guide how to reproduce?
it’s working fine for me.
you know that Roller baller is only able to fusion summon in MainPhase?

I’ll send a replay. Also I can find the following cards although it says it been added: GP - Better luck next time and GP- that came out of no where

this is me auto getting no response time and I have pin baller in ED

Dude, this is Omega bug reports, not nexass bug reports. If you can reproduce it on Omega then I’m sure one of the scripters will be on it. Otherwise, there’s not much else that can be done for an infreior yugioh simulator that piggybacks its updates from omega.