Rivalry of Warlords

  1. Bug description
    Rivalry of Warlords doesn’t allow for the player who activated it to select which type they want to
    keep and it seems to be selected randomly

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    Have 2 different type monsters (In my case Cybernetic and Zombie) on the field (the Cybernetic was
    in the left link zone) and activate Rivalry of Warlords, the system should automatically select a type
    for you (in my case Cybernetic)

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
    The user should have an option of which type to keep

If two monsters are on the field at the same time and then Rivalry is activated, the player can choose the type. If one monster is on the field with Rivalry already face-up and a new monster comes to the field, the game will not allow you to choose the type. The new monster is sent to the graveyard automatically.

This is how the ruling works for Gozen/Rivalry/TCBOO. If something else is wrong, let us know and provide a replay or a step by step reproduction in words.

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