Rikka princess activation inconsistencies

Whenever Rikka princess is in the graveyard and I activate it in response to a monster effect, the game instead activates regulus. Others have told me about this bug as well, and I tested it myself and found the same issue

To recreate the bug, all I did was build a regular Rikka sun board. Then when the bot activated their monster effect, I clicked on rikka princess, however instead for whatever reason it had activated Regulus. I had very carefully made sure to choose correctly, yet forever reason it had simply activated Regulus instead


In this replay it shows me building the board and ending with princess in grave. When I try to activate princess on the bots turn, regulus activates instead.

I wanted to have tributed strenna, but instead regulus activated, forcing me to tribute lily instead.

I did this on Android, though I’ve had friends who’ve said the same effect occured on windows.

Have you ever considered trying to recreate the bug in omega? You know, since this is the omega bug reports forum?

I don’t use omega, but DNX and Omega have the same card data base and scripts. More likely than not if one is bugged so is the other, however if it is just a DNX problem that would be useful to know.