Revenge Rally Bug

  1. Bug description
    Revenge Rally doesn’t proc the “draw 2 cards then discard 1 card” effect if used on the same turn when my opponent’s monster left the field, instead it always uses it’s first effect “draw 1 card”.

  2. Bug reproduction steps


Example: I activate Revenge Rally in my turn and use Raigeki to destroy my opponent’s monster equipped with the trap. Revenge Rally triggers in the graveyard and draws a card.

Example 2: I activate Revenge Rally in my turn and attack the monster equipped with the trap. Trap triggers only the first effect.

Example 3: I activate Revenge Rally on an opponent’s monster. Opponent synchro summons with said monster and trap allows 1 draw.

  1. Screenshot OR error code

  2. Expected behavior
    The second effect “draw 2 cards then discard 1 card” should apply instead of the always “draw 1” when the trap is used on an opponent’s monster that leaves the field on the same turn.


Thank you for making a bug report!

I have tested this and confirmed that when activating the trap Revenge Rally and equipping it to an opponent’s monster, if that monster leaves the field, IN ANY WAY (game mechanic/material, card destruction, battle) Revenge rally will NOT allow you the option of drawing 2 cards and discarding one. Currently it resolves automatically forcing the user to draw 1 card.

There needs to be a prompt that asks the user during resolution if they wish to draw 2 cards and discarding 1, or Draw 1 card.

The team should be working this soon.

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