Respond to summon bug

  1. Bug description
    [When Ronintoadin is summoned by its own effect while the game settings are set to standard, the game wont offer any summon response window for cards that dont specifically trigger on summon but still is used to disrupt summons, such as Paleozoic Dinomischus. As a result the opponent gets a free open gamestate and can xyz summon for example Toadally Awesome before I get a chance to respond with anything.]

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    [Have game settings on standard (not all, nor legal, nor none) Opponent summons Ronintoadin from grave with its own effect Window for responding to Ronintoadins summon wont appear if your only response is something like Palezoic Dinomischus]

  3. Expected behavior
    [When Ronintoadin is summoned the player shoudl be asked if he/she wants to activate anything in response to the summon, even when the set card isnt specifically a summon response card]

The game will respond on resolution, summon, SP, DP, and EP but it requires you to turn on Legal Chain. Legal chain makes the game ask at every legal opportunity. Auto chain will not do this. The auto chain is when all the 3 chain buttons are white (disabled).

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