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    When resolving Triple Tactics Talents with effect to take control of an opponent monster after choosing the zone where to place the opponent monster the game takes a long amount of time to resolve the effect while my timer goes down.

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    your replay code

I used triple tactics talent with effect to take control, my opponent missclicks and chains forbidden chalice targetting one of my monsters, on resolution I choose to take his dark law and select which zone of my field to place him into, you can’t see this from a replay but the game at this point took a very long time (1-2 mins) to place the dark law on my side of the field, meanqhile I continued to communicate in chat but couldn’t do anything else and my timer continued to go down.
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    The dark law should just be placed on my side of the field without the time loss

Hey there. We did exactly what you said in the exact same scenario, the amount of time for taking control was normal. We tested both the main monster zone, extra monster zone and it was the same result.

Likely your opponent was thinking or had their all chain on, so it was creating delays after each move. The hourglass shifts when this happens.

Either that, or it’s just because the server was on debug mode instead of release mode.

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