Report Player: That dumbass

Hello duelist unite staff, im writing this topic with the purpose of reporting a player who is using pornografic images on his profile

, im linking some images and my stream recorded video, please do something about this kind of people, they make streaming and showing your great game difficult and stressful


Reportadisimo que idiota ese men

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It´s really annoying as a creator of content find out this kind of stuff because it makes our job very difficult and stressful because of the problems that this carry on any streaming platform. It will be nice to ban people that does not defer the community rules and use unsuitable profile pictures.

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Thank you for reporting this person. We have taken actions.

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Hello Wooper,

In regards to streaming or recording, something that would be useful for you to know would be is the Safe Mode Feature.

If you open the chat box in Omega, and click the Chat box settings tab, you can utilize Safe mode to remove your opponent’s user name, profile picture, Card sleeves and Playmat. You can also turn off chat if you want to completely isolate yourself from your opponent.

This will not prevent you from copying your opponent’s User ID should you need to make a report for other malicious acts such as stalling or slow playing.

You can find out about the rest of the settings in this video, Time Stamp (1:20) : YGO Omega Guide - Gameplay Tips and Tricks - YouTube