report for being flamed.

Now I was just playing against the user called PaWN20xx.

I was playing a bit slow. Then tried to take my time in side decking cause I already lost game 1 and he told me to “hurry the ■■■■ up”. I quickly told him to shut the ■■■■ up himself and ignored it afterwards. Then I thought to myself “maybe he was just in the heat of the moment” and explained when he made a minor misplay that this is why I take my time instead of just throwing everything down instantly. I wanted him to see that I did not mean to trigger him or anything I just wanted to play well and make him see it so that we can leave the game on a good note. He responds with “I only wanted to do this and that that is why I did that. you already lost” the rest you can see in the screen. he wins and says this:

report chat log

deserves at least a warning imo.

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Taken care of

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