Recent Spontaneous Ban

  1. Do you know why you were banned? If so, state the reason.
    No clear warning was given before ban over a certain action, but the only reason I am to recall was banned over responding to discussion Silk is in to provide pack information.
  2. Do you admit to what you did or do you disagree with the mod?
    If just related to Silk, yes and no. Silk has been proven time and again to be willing to do the same to me, something to which the only mod I can suspect banned me blindly (which also is not fair) would also be willing to ban him for. I do need to stop responding to him, and I have been warned before, and I agree with that only. The information I provided that I was banned for, however, was a completely fair and necessary response, as it’s information that counters his point.
  3. Why do you think you should get another chance?
    Apart from being banned out of the blue, with only assumptions as to what could be the reason, which is a completely fair response to the discussion? I will completely ignore Silk as if he is to be completely disavowed and bad faith, the only proper way to do it, it seems. Not like I haven’t been shown to do so, as weeks usually separate any response to him, at least one. I also think the mod in question should have at least DM’d for full clarification or appeal before a flat out snipe ban on the spot.

I would like to clarify one thing on the second prompt. The discussion in general was that Silk is making a false claim that Photon Hypernova is majority (at least) Albaz support. The information from the pack showed not only was Albaz a minority in the pack, but at least one or two instances of support Silk was excited for was in said pack. That, I felt was absolutely necessary for the discussion, mainly because it’s proof to what Silk inquired being wrong.

You were warned multiple times by multiple mods. Yet, you kept doing the same thing over and over. It does not matter what Silk does. You are not here to police his actions. Doing so repeatedly, is cyber bullying and this will not be tolerated on our server. Your ban will stay but the duration of the ban is yet to be decided. I will leave that up to the mods.

Scarlet, I was the one that banned you. Yes it was sudden and felt like a snipe. Unfortunately, Discord does not let people see the reason they were banned. I did it suddenly because messaging you to tell you that I’m going to ban you may have led you to try and dissuade me from doing it. At that point, my mind would not be changed.

To address the reason you were banned: You were warned multiple times by multiple staff members and even muted because of your interactions with Silk. I’ve told you directly to not address him, to not reply to him, to not argue with him. Even if the information he’s giving may not be correct, you were told to ignore Silk. You should have had him blocked. In fact, I have told you to stop arguing with people in general over semantics repeatedly and even so, you were muted in the past for doing so.

We are only going to mute so many times for this behavior and you have already been muted for a week for behavior just like this. At this point, a ban was warranted.

Your ban will last until November 1st. However, please take heed this warning: Further incidents will just lead straight to a ban and you will have to appeal again. We’re not going to start over muting you. You are on incredibly thin ice and if you want to improve your reputation amongst the staff, you will need to be on your best behavior at all times.

I suggest that, if you come back, you block Silk and do not address anything he says, period. No matter if it’s right or wrong, fake info, or not.

Scarlet, your ban has been lifted as promised.