Rating on ranked ladder bugged and DP not received after ranking up

  1. Bug description
    I was playing on the Ranked TCG ladder, and ranked up from bronze to silver (currenrly 1185), but I did not receive the currency or DP I think it’s called, for card rarities, and when I join matches, it sometimes shows that my rating is 1000 on all 3 ladders instead of showing my silver 1185 on the TCG emblem. Was told to post here by someone in the discord server.

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    Was just playing on the ranked ladder TCG

  3. Screenshot OR error code

4. Expected behavior
Welp I think I was supposed to receive some of the currency for card rarities when I ranked up and didnt get any, as shown in the picture above, side by side, a screenshot of my rating in menus and a screenshot of my current DP. Didnt manage to be quick enough to take a pic when the match start and it shows all 3 rating cuz I have to use the windows screenshot tool and going windowed mode crashes the game so yea was wondering if that was normal or not?

Hey there!

I’m having the same issue right now so I was wondering if you found any solution to this problem.

Also I’m pretty sure the system works for some people because I saw someone between 1150-1200 ranked points with upper rarity cards.

My hypothesis is that its only available to prenium users are wtv it’s called