Rare Metalmorph - Not destroyed when associated card leaves the field

  1. Bug description

The card Rare Metalmorph was still on the field even though it should have been destroyed.

  1. Bug reproduction steps

Here’s the steps I did:

  • Summon a Y-Dragon Head
  • Activate Rare Metalmorph on Y-Dragon Head
  • Summon a X-Cannon Head
  • Associate Y-Dragon Head to X-Cannon Head using union feature
  • Summon a Z-Metal Tank
  • Do fusion summon for XYZ-Dragon Cannon

At that moment Rare Metalmorph is still on the field, even though Y-Dragon Head is not.

Unfortuately I didn’t found my replay after saving it.

  1. Expected behavior

Rare Metalmorph should have been destroyed when Y-Dragon Head left the field.

After Y-Dragon Head equipped itself to X-Head Cannon, it stopped being targeted by Rare Metalmorph. Similar examples can be seen with Fiendish Chain, Oasis of Dragon Souls, and Call of the Haunted.

What’s the expected behaviour after the equipment in other YGO games?

This IS the expected behavior in other YGO games. Because Y-Dragon Head doesn’t actually leave the field, it becomes a union equip, Rare Metalmorph does not get removed. It simply continues to exists.

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