Proposing the Karakuri Format

I have an idea for a new format. Because of the lack of a better name, let’s just call it the Karakuri Format.

The rule changes are actually very simple and straight forward:

  1. no floodgates
  2. no negation effects
  3. no removal effects during the opponent’s turn

Optionally, one could also think about using the following rule:

  1. (optional) no mass removal effects

I guess one could still be allowed to use the cards with these effects. One is just not allowed to use the respective effects. This would still allow e.g. boss monsters that have negation effects, but one is not allowed to use these negation effects of them - just the more harmless effects of them so to speak.

Everything else is still allowed! What would this imply? Basically each player can be sure that they can build up their board, becaues their searches and summonings are not negated (by hand traps) or prevented (by floogates) and as they build up their board, they can be sure, that their board is not removed in this turn yet.

So, typically I expect player A to build up their board, doing all kinds of crazy combos and probably end on many big boss monsters with high stats. Then player B either tries to remove the board of the opponent and then builds up their own board, or builds it up right away. Then the two players simply run their monsters into each other.

I think one still may have to fine tune this format a bit. If rule 4 is not used, the emphasis is more on floating effects. If rule 4 is used, it rewards players who can just more consistently build up the typical OTK boards. Just that they probably don’t make an OTK so easily, because the opponent most likely also has an OTK board.

The reason for the name of the format is, that the first combo deck that I learned was the Karakuri deck. That must have been around 2013 or so - about the time of the dragon ruler format or so. Except for one banish effect during the opponent’s turn, the Karakuri deck to this day all by itself would pretty much fulfill the requirements for the rule changes. Also when I think about this format, I have the image of the Karakuri deck in mind. Back then we didn’t have so much floodgates, negations, mass removal and removal effects during the opponent’s turn.

The implementation in Yu-Gi-Oh! Omega might be a bit tricky, and maybe only possible in the manual mode. With these rule changes, one can not simply ban certain cards, because e.g. Ghost Ogre wouldn’t be allowed to use during the opponent’s turn, but very well during one’s own turn. So hand traps are still allowed as long as they not techically negate (e.g. Ogre, DD Crow) as well as removal effects. E.g. non-targetting banish effect of Mirrorjade - no problem, but only during one’s own turn. About DD Crow one would have to make the decision wheather to allow removal of anywhere else than the board. I think this should be ok, since the emphasis is on the board.

For simplicity I would actually suggest to use the respective current banlists of the formats with everything they have on there. (OCG banlist, TCG banlist, etc.) This would make it a custom rule set on top of each possible actual format. The banlist to use is still open to debate though. However, I think this would lead to interesting combos invented by many people who simply like to build up stuff in convoluted ways (like me).

That’s it. What do you think about this proposed format. Would it work and not be degenerate? I think it could be very fun for players who think the current meta has become too crazy, but still want to make long convoluted combos and still build up a lot of stuff.

(Btw, if you think, I posted this topic in the wrong place, feel free to move it, where it might fit better.)

Btw, here is a 2h video of Farfa hosting a Turnament that only applies rules 1 and 2 (no floodgates, no negates). This is not exactly how I imagine it, but it wouldn’t be far from it. It seems the duels take a couple of turns longer. It was a lot of different flavors of DPE-Nibiru-Kaiju-Zeus. In the Karakuri-Format there probably woundn’t be so much DPE and Nibirus. Other than that, it might be very similar.

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