Prompt contains wrong card name after hand shuffle

  1. Bug description
    I activated Impcantation Penciplume in hand and when the hand got shuffled the prompt said, that Ghost Ogre has been activated and if I want to activate an effect.
    I guess the ghost ogre went to the position the penciplum was before the hand got shuffled.

It is only a visual bug. It still resolved the effect of penciplum.

  1. Bug reproduction steps

Activate penciplum in hand, target ritual monster in hand to show
Hand gets shuffled
if you have an effect to chain, the prompt to ask you if you want to chain contains the wrong card text, if the penciplum has a different position in hand.

Can’t show replay code, because the message wouldnt show there.

  1. Screenshot OR error code
    Forgot… ._.

  2. Expected behavior
    The prompt should still show Impcantation Penciplum as card name