Pre-Preparation of Rite not workking

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    Essentially Pre-Preparation of Rite doesnt seem to allow you to play it even though you have the requirements met in your deck

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    your replay code

Just make a deck with 40-60 cards put some ritual spells in that specifically mention the name of a monster. Put the rituals monsters mentioned on the name of ritual spells. Start your game by either drawing it or having it in hand. Essentially it is a dead card it thinks the requirements are not met so you won’t be able to play that card.
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Thank you for making a bug report. I have tested the card Pre-preparation of Rites and confirmed that it does work if you have legal targets in deck.

Please include a replay or explain which targets you have in deck that you believe are valid for Pre-preparation of Rites.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us in the Duelist Unite discord server in the #Omega_help channel.

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