Prank-Kids Battle Butler destroying the indestructible

  1. Bug description
    [Chain Link 1 Prank-Kids Battle Butler activates quick effect to destroy my monsters. Chain Link 2 activate Crusadia Power from hand targeting Crusadia monster. Chains resolve and targeted Crusadia monster was destroyed instead of being uneffected by Battle Butler.]

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    [Have a Summoned Prank-Kids Battle Butler on opponent's field. Have a summoned Crusadia monster on your field with Crusadia Power in hand. Activate Quick Effect of Battle Butler to destroy monsters on opponents field. Chain Crusadia Power to target Crusadia monster on your field to become uneffected by other cards effects.]

  3. Expected behavior
    [Crusadia Power should make targeted Crusadia monster uneffected by other card effects, except their own, therefore it should not be destroyed by Battle Butler's Quick Effect.]

We tested this interaction and the Crusadia monster survived. We need a replay or something to know what happened particular to your game state.