Post-disconnection chat bug

  1. Bug description

The game has a system that allows you to return into a duel if you were disconnected for any reason, while the system works fine, it seems that after being reconnected to the game, the chat button that usually is in the bottom left part of the screen is no longer present.

  1. Bug reproduction steps

Start a game against another player, then, disconnect from the game (alt + f4, close window, disable wi-fi, unplug router etc.), open the game again and select online, if the game isn’t over, you should get reconnected to it, the chat button is no longer present

This happened for me during a competitive game, but i didn’t manage to replicate the bug yet since you can’t disconnect and reconnect against bots.

  1. Expected behavior

The chat button should still be visible and usable.

Need to check this again and see if it’s still a problem.

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