Possible TCG OCG Ruling difference with Familiar Possessed Lyna

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    When equipping Lyna the light charmer with union carriers effect to itself, you cannot send both to the GY to summon Familiar Possessed Lyna from your deck

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    The OCG database says specifically that the Familiar Possessed Lyna requires to send the charmer while it is a monster card, however, the TCG card text (which was printed way after PSCT) is worded very similar if not equal to cards like XYZ Dragon Cannon and Chimeratech Fortress Dragon (https://db.ygorganization.com/qa#6872) which both can send their required materials treated as spells. The judges I’ve asked about this so far seem to be very conflicted about this but it seems that it working like Chimeratech would make more sense here as there is no reason to imply anything that isn’t written in the card text like the Familiar possessed requiring to send Lyna as a monster (i also just really want it to work but that’s besides the point). So while the ruling on this is all but clear I thought I might as well notify the devs now.

This has been fixed.