"Possessed Partnerships" has the wrong string in the EN database

Bug description

Possessed Partnership Special Summons a monster, and then optionally destroys 1 face-up card. The hint is supposed to read something like “Destroy 1 face-up card?” but instead it says “Place 1 Possessed card on the field”.

The database for the JP locale has the correct string (translates to “Choose and destroy one card”) but the EN database does not. If it was just the card’s script pointing to the wrong string, then I would change it myself. But I don’t think I’m supposed to touch the databases.

Bug reproduction steps

  • Activate Possessed Partnerships.
  • When it resolves, Special Summon a monster so that afterward, you control 2+ Attributes.
  • You will be asked whether to destroy 1 face-up card. In the EN locale, the incorrect string will appear.

Screenshot OR error code

Expected behavior

The string in the EN database should be replaced with “Destroy 1 face-up card?”


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