Please help me uninstall

  1. [color=#3AADE4]Bug description[/color]
    I’m not able to uninstall the game.

  2. [color=#3AADE4]Bug reproduction steps[/color]
    I installed the game using the setup and went through the install when the game first launches. I tried going online, but it wouldn’t let me and sent me back to the menu. I ended up uninstalling all of the files I could find manually, but my computer still thinks the game is installed. I later found out that you have an official way to uninstall it and I tried that, but I keep getting an error.
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    your replay code

  3. [color=#3AADE4]Screenshot OR error code[/color]

  4. [color=#3AADE4]Expected behavior[/color]
    I’m pretty sure the game was supposed to uninstall, but it didn’t.

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