Playmat loading incorrectly after 1st game

  1. Bug description
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    Having an odd issue with playmats loading.
    I matched all my playmats to my decks by naming them accordingly, and they’re all *.jpgs.
    What happens is I load into a game the first time, and the playmat loads correctly. However, the playmats are incorrect in every subsequent instance. It’s sort of like the game starts to default to a playmat for every other deck, until I restart my client.
  2. Bug reproduction steps
  3. Have 12+ decks, each with custom mats in the dedicated “playmats” folder.
    Enter any game once. After the game concludes, after exiting (not rematching,) enter another game.
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    your replay code

3. Screenshot OR error code
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4. Expected behavior
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Playmat should have loaded correctly with paired name, as it did the first time.
5. What OS are you using
Windows 10
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