Players can see the locations of monsters that Special Summon themselves from the deck

Bug description

As an example, Awakening of the Possessed - Nefariouser Archfiend can be Special Summoned from the deck by its non-activated effect, by sending 1 Spellcaster monster and 1 EARTH monster to the GY.

In order to Special Summon Awakening of the Possessed - Nefariouser Archfiend, you must click on your deck and then click on this card. However, you can change your mind and close this view without Special Summoning any monster. This gives you information about this card’s location in your deck.

  • If Awakening of the Possessed - Nefariouser Archfiend is not in the top 12 cards, then you can activate Pot of Desires with the knowledge that it will not be banished or drawn.
  • If it is the next card on top of your deck, then you might choose to Special Summon it immediately.
  • If it is at the bottom of the deck, then you might choose an entirely different play line, based on the assurance that you won’t draw it during the next several turns.

Bug reproduction steps

Fulfill the conditions to Special Summon any monster that can Special Summon itself from the Deck. You will be allowed to view that monster’s location in the deck, without being required to Special Summon it.

At this time, the complete list of relevant monsters is as follows:

  • The 6 “Familiar-Possessed” monsters
  • The 4 “Awakening of the Possessed” monsters
  • Dark Sage
  • Theinen the Great Sphinx
  • Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon
  • Metalzoa

Screenshot OR error code

Expected behavior

When the conditions are met for a monster to be Special Summoned from the Deck by its own effect, an icon/button should appear over the deck. Clicking this icon should display a list of monsters that can be Special Summoned from the Deck. This would avoid revealing those monsters’ locations in the deck, and would still allow the player to cancel the action without gaining inappropriate information.

An alternate solution is to continue displaying the deck contents as shown above, and eliminate the player’s option to cancel the action without Special Summoning a monster. This is less favorable since players can be locked into an action. On the other hand, it would be consistent with play at real events, where a player would not be allowed to view their deck and then place it back down without Special Summoning the declared monster.

In all ygopros, the position of the card is sent. You can see this even in edopro as it places the number position:


Yes, but by this point, the player has already committed to applying the effect. You can’t back out of this screen without adding one of these “Drytron” cards to your hand.

In my situation above, you can see the position of a Nefarious Archfield of Nefariousness (or any other card that you can currently Summon from the deck), and then close out of the deck without doing anything.

I’m not sure if you sent this before or after our conversation on Discord. If before, then disregard this.

Test this in ygopro with the exact same situation, using Nefarious and tell me if it allows you to see the position of the card in the deck. Even if you have knowledge of the position, this will not create any potential advantage. If there is some genius strategy involved by knowing the position, let me know.