Phases should not change if opponent activated a card at the end of a phase

  1. Bug description

opponent activated unchained trap and destroyed my card at the end of my main phase 1 after his card resolved my turn ended.

  1. Expected behavior
    main phase 1 shouldn’t’ve ended

I need more information. If you didn’t want the phase to end after the resolution of your opponent’s card effect, then you need to have ALL Chain ON. If All Chain is on, then you can respond during the end of a phase. If there’s nothing to respond, it will ask if you want to check the field. The game will not pause for you if you don’t tell it to. It can’t read your mind. Hence, if you don’t want the phase to end, put it on all chain or it will continue to the next phase.

I responded with card effects, but I couldn’t play cards from my hard as my hole turn ended, and he activated at the end of my main phase 1.

The question is still if you had all chain on. If you wanted to respond with a quick effect and not end the phase, you must toggle all chain. The same system works for all ygopro.

The phase transitions and the new legal chain button solves this.

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