Options to select for 'activate 1 of these effects' list 'apply effect' then the first listed effect but the label doesn't match the effect

  1. Bug description
    The options to select for ‘activate 1 of these effects’ list ‘apply effect’ then the first listed effect but the label doesn’t match the effect. The activate effect is actually the first listed effect and the second listed (labelled the first effect) is actually the second listed effect.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    Link summon Cyberse Accelerator pointing to another monster. Enter the Battle Phase and activate Cyberse Accelerator’s effect. Options are "apply effect’ and “gain 2000 attack”. Selecting “gain 2000 attack” gives two attacks (effect 2). Selecting “apply effect” gains 2000 attack (effect 1).

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
    Buttons should show the effects listed on the card not including the ‘apply effect’

Thanks. Sometimes the strings get misplaced. It’s an easy fix once reported. Fixed. There’s also a channel on discord for stuff like this called card-text-errors.

Wasn’t sure if that was the right place for it, since the card text wasn’t wrong, just how Omega was dealing with it.

By card text, it includes the prompts you get when activating effects.

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