Open Commissions to help not be homeless

Its a long story, and I’ll have it included below but title says it all. I’m trying to sell some art commissions to avoid being homeless, my rates and what I draw will be included below as well as on my twitter, the best place to contact me other than discord, and my portfolio. I draw digital and traditional works, I draw full pieces all the way down to emotes. Examples of all can be found on as well as my twitter ( ).
Best ways to contact me are

Discord Toph#2104
Twitter @Toph_Draws

My rates are same for digital and traditional:

Sketch - Bust (chest+up) / Headshot $10
Sketch - Fullbody $15
Lineart - Character / Concept $25
Colored Piece - $45

Additional details (background, multiple characters, etc) will cost some extra.
NOTE: Traditional Pieces can be shipped at the buyer’s request and expense.

What’s going on IRL for me:

So for past few years I’ve been in and out of homeless shelters and crack houses trying to take care of my mother who had a horrible drug addiction, started with pills and then recently hitting a crack pipe. A person who was a really close friend at the time, pulled me out and had me move in with him and what I assumed was his boyfriend. I’ll refer to my friend as A. and his presumed boyfriend as Z. A has changed a lot over the year I’ve been here, he’s in between two boyfriends supposedly and lying to both of them.

Halloween night, it came to a head when A went on a vacation with one of his boyfriends to Florida and told me that when he comes back in 3 weeks to a month, he wants to know my plans for moving out because he wants me out. This shocked Z and A’s other boyfriend because it was such short notice. A. has been claiming that I eat through all the money in the house by devouring all the food in the house. A complete lie among others that he has been spreading mainly to my friends to validate him kicking me out.

I have spoken to A’s boyfriend who lives in Florida and he is absolutely livid about this and plan to speaking with Z when we have more than just an hour or 2 to talk before one of us goes to work. In the meantime I am trying to sell as many commissions as possible to save up money as well as trying to sell off my yugioh collection, my Switch Lite (Animal Crossing as well) and possibly some of my Kamen Rider RKF figures and Overwatch Figures/Statues. All of those will be posted in Marketplace after I finish this post.

I want to tank Antimetaman and Omega for their help in the Tidal dorm before I made this post and Antimetaman in DMs.