Once Per Turn Effect being able to activate again after the monster has been taken control of by the opponent

  1. Bug description
    Already activated once per turn effect usable by opponent after taking control of the monster.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

  • Player 1 activates a card to take control of a monster the monster which posses a Quick effect that is tagges as once turn. (In my case ‘Enemy Controller’ to take control of ‘Exosister Mikailis’ which was summoned this turn)
  • Player 2 chains the quick effect tagged as Once Per Turn to that activation. (In my case it was the “hard” once per turn Effect of ‘Exosister Mikailis’ to banish a card on the field.
  • The chain resolves, the card on the field get’s banished and Player 1 takes control of the monster.

Bug Replay.txt (10.6 KB)
Player 1 is now able to activate the once per turn effect of the monster that they took control of again.

Expected behavior
The once per turn effect, after being used by one player should not be able to be activated by the other player

What OS are you using
Windows 10

That’s not a bug. You, the player, can only use that effect of “Exosister Mikailis” once per turn. Your opponent has not used this effect this turn however. Since the condition for its Quick Effect is still currently met, they can activate this effect.

This is different from a card like Mirrorjade, the Iceblade Dragon. If you use the effect of Mirrorjade, and your opponent takes control of it with Triple Tactics Talent, that copy of Mirrorjade on the field has the “Once per turn:” attached to it. It is not a once per turn clause that applies to the player. In its case they can’t activate Mirrorjade’s effect again. I assume this is where your mix-up is happening so thought I should clarify.

So this applies to hard once per turns but not soft once per turns? Cause I found a bunch of rulings where you couldn’t use Drident effect after it has been used that turn.

That’s because Drancia/Drident also has a Soft Once-per-Turn on its destruction effect.