Omega doesn't update, This is happening when trying update the Omega

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I’m also having the same issue when trying to go online the system is saying that I need an update. I click to accept this and then it closes Omega.

On the update I receive the following message in the command prompt screen. This stays on screen for about 2 seconds and then closes.

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Thank you tamer that worked. Dropped all files in main folder and replaced udpater and Omega used that instead.

Online again now.

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Please note that you can find out information regarding the state of YGO Omega and any necessary quick fixes by checking the #Announcements and #Updates sections of the Duelist Unite Discord server.

If you do not have access to those channels, read through the #Rules to gain access to them.

image ok to me dont work!!!

Download the latest updater from Release Latest · duelists-unite/omega-releases · GitHub