Official Tournament Rules

Here, only official Tournaments organized by the Duelists Unite team will be posted. This may include tournaments on YGO Omega as well as our partner simulators like Dueling Nexus.

All tournaments are Swiss format. Decks are locked and cannot be changed once the tournament begins (this is automated in YGO Omega). There is no End of Match Procedure (EOMP) or a round timer. In real life, EOMP exists to finish a tournament within a round timer of 40 mins. For online simulators, we don’t believe this will be an issue as the time per turn will be 300 secs (5 mins). The timer is dynamic so it means as long as you are playing, the time will not go down. You can even have a 20-min turn combo if needed. The response time is half of this (150 secs). EOMP has been abused in real life encouraging intentional slow play or use of LP modifying cards. We do not believe that EOMP accurately determines the true winner and is not needed in an online system.

The way our Swiss works is that it incorporates the Elo algorithm. All players begin with 1000 Elo and then each subsequent match, their Elo score will adjust. Players are matched according to their Elo (players with the most similar Elo get matched). This is better than the standard Swiss which gives equal number of points for wins and losses ignoring the strength of the opponent. This is why in real life, a top cut is often needed after Swiss. Utilizing Elo ensures that there is a smaller chance that two players will have exactly the same Elo. Therefore, at the end of Swiss rounds, the player with the most Elo points wins. It’s also easy to determine 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place this way. Our tournaments are live and finish on the same day. Konami previously hosted official online tournaments on their simulator, Yugioh Online where they used Single Elimination with 512 participants max. Players can join a queue up to 512 but since it is Swiss, it does not need to be a power of 2, but any even number. If a player drops out in the middle of a tournament, a player will just get a bye (with no increase or decrease in their Elo). To read about how tournaments work in real life, read here.


  • Number of Players in tournament (N) = round down to nearest even number (minimum 8)
  • Number of Rounds (R) where R = \lceil \ln(N) \rceil e.g. 128 people is 7 rounds
  • Maximum capacity is 512. (Though remember for practicality, large numbers can make events too long)
  • Your position in queue matters. It’s first come first serve. Joining the queue is analogous to registration of your deck. You must leave queue and rejoin if you wish to change the deck.

Format - Swiss

Dueling Parameters:

Banlist - TCG, OCG
Card Pool - TCG, OCG
Duel Mode - Match
Master Rule - MR5
Duel Rule - Master Duel

Custom Parameters:

Starting LP: 8000
Cards Per Draw: 1
Starting Hand: 5
Time per Turn: 180 seconds

Only 1 Tournament can be hosted and ran at any time. A tournament must finish before a new tournament can start. We shall host official weekly tournaments for TCG and OCG on weekends. We may also do it on weekdays. The dates will be announced on the calendar in this site. We’ll rotate through all time zones so that everyone will have a chance to play.

TCG on Saturdays at Saturday, November 7, 2020 3:00 PM

OCG on Sundays at Sunday, November 8, 2020 1:00 AM

YGO Omega Championship (YOC)

At the end of the season (~1 year), we shall host a YGO Omega Championship (YOC) using the World’s banlist (WCS). This will occur around Winter or December. There are two ways to get an invite - through TP or YOCQ.

Tournament Points (TP)

Only TCG, OCG, or WCS tournaments will count towards points. TP will be awarded as follows:

  • TP = $1+ wins
  • For example, if a player won 0 times in a tournament, then TP = 1 point for participation
  • If a player won 1 time, then TP = 1+1 = 2; won 2 times is TP = 1+2 = 3; won 3 times is TP = 1+3 = 4 points and so on.
  • TP will be cumulative for the duration of the season (~1 year). The players with the highest TP (~top 25%), will be invited to enter the YOC in December to compete under the WCS banlist.

Note that TP is separate from Elo. The Elo points are gained in ranking per format. Ranking seasons are shorter and are consistent with the frequency of banlists (~3 months). Elo will not be factored into gaining an invite to the YOC.

To read about how tournament points work in real life, read here.

YGO Omega Championship Qualifier (YOCQ)

We realize that not all Players will be active to accumulate TP, so they can compete in the YOC Qualifier (YOCQ) and the top 32 players would receive invites to YOC despite their TP. There would be one YOCQ for TCG and OCG a week before the YOC.

We designed this point system after reading how points work in real life for both TCG and OCG. We do believe this is a consistent system that will work for all players online.

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