Oddly specific chaining bug leading to unresponsive game?

  1. Bug description
    I was playing a dl match and wanted to use volcanic wall’s effect, then chain cosmic cyclone. After inputting these, the game just stopped working, and was entirely unresponsive, including the surrender button, so I had to close out the game.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    I couldn’t get a replay since I had to force stop the game, but here is exactly what was on the board: it was turn 10, I activated volcanic wall, then chained cosmic cyclone from my hand to an opponent’s fiendish chain. The cosmic cyclone and volcanic wall never activated, as the game stopped responding after clicking the cosmic cyclone card. The screen was stuck with the chain symbols still on both cards. There was nothing the opponent could activate in response, as I checked his graveyard and he had no cards in his hand. The chat and surrender buttons were responsive, but when I went to hit the checkmark for surrendering it didn’t go through, and the window closed.

  3. Screenshot OR error code
    Bug with volcanic wall chaining

  4. Expected behavior
    It should have activated cosmic cyclone, banished the fiendish chain, and then milled 3 cards from the volcanic wall.