Odd behaviour for selected queue in Arena

  1. Bug description
    Even if you entered Ranked queue, it will default to selecting Single when the game is launched. The selection will reset to last queue you entered if you host/spectate a game.

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    -Enter a Ranked queue, so that it will now default to selecting Ranked.
    -Close YGO Omega and open it again. Single queue will now be selected in Arena.
    -Host a game and leave it. The Arena queue selection will change to Ranked.

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
    The queue option should be properly selected when the game is launched.

Essentially you want the game to remember your settings for ranked and not have it reset. I think this is do-able since it’s all client side. Can’t we save the configuration in the host, arena, and search tabs in the Player.data?


I think your selected Arena queue is already remembered client side, it’s just not immediately applied when you launch Omega. Like I mentioned in my report, if you enter Ranked queue, close YGO Omega and reopen it, then host a game and close it, Arena queue selection will be properly defaulted to Ranked.

I tested on my build and it works fine, i join any queue, close the game, open the game, the last queue stays as the selected one.

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