Numeron Time (Numeron Time Thief)

Numeron Time (Numeron Time Thief)
creativity 5.0 1 consistency 4.0 1 adaptability 3.0 1 strength 4.0 1

This deck is something I have been cooking up and tinkering with for the past 6 months. The deck aims to end on Zexal and redoer going first with spell/trap negate in the form of Time thief retrograde and a monster bounce in the for of Redoer+ Flyback. On the draw the deck aims to simplyfy the game state using handtraps and Kajus/Nibiru and OTK using Arc Rebellion xyz dragon. The deck is stuffed with enough extenders to playthrough a fair amount of interuption and the time thief cards have some unexpected sinergies with Zexal making for a interesting and powerfull gameplan.

Combo example:
[ash blossom, Time thief regulator, Shade brigandine, numeron wall, numeron calling]
using this hand as an example the deck is able to end on a board of Zexal and Reduer with a follow up of Time thief perpetua on the 2nd turn.

  1. summon time thief regulator and activate its effect to get winder and chronocorder. Use winders search to get Time thief retrograde for a spell/trap negate
  2. summon reduer and use his effect to banish him unill the en phase
  3. activate wall and network after that
  4. set the shade brigandine and retrograde
  5. after the oponents turn is over you can decide if you want to go for dreadnaught dreadnoid/super quantal great magnus or perpetua who can attach materials to zexal on a quick effect depending on if the oponent set a monster or not.