Numbers eveil not working correctly

  1. Numbers Eveil will not let me activate when i want to summon number 92

  2. My opponent controlled abyss dweller and no other cards. During my turn i want to summon number 92 using numbers eveil with the Numbers ( 6, 31, 41, 14) but was not allowed to even activate the card

  3. No screenshot or replay

  4. Numbers eveil should have allowed my to special summon number 92 using numbers 6, 31, 14 and 41 as material.

  5. Windows 10

Ranks 6, 1, 5, and 4… Did you control any monsters Summoned from the Extra Deck? Where was that Dweller Summoned from last?

I controlled no monsters and dweller was special summoned from the extra deck

It works for me .-. Perhaps providing a replay can help? Were you playing online or off?

So, I figured it out, it was because i was using the TCG version on number 6. It worked when I used to OCG, I don’t know if it’s a bug or not but that was the problem.

Try this again