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    whenever the game loads and i attempt to enter the lobby or the deck editor, neither works. attempting to enter the lobby just leaves me in a totally blank lobby and attempting to load into the deck editor shows a bunch of blank decks and none that I’ve built

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I’m guessing you didn’t run the updater and you opened omega after a long time. Make sure you downloaded from the github and not anywhere else. Run the updater and that’s it.

i have reinstalled multiple times and it still continues everytime. running windows 10. it worked one day, i didnt play for a few days and now it does this

just ran the updater to be sure and its still encountering all the same issues

For faster response, please join the Duelist Unite Discord server. The channel #Omega_Support will help you get this working faster.

More often then not some combination of running the updater will solve this. Reinstalling is not the answer and can often cause more problems if done improperly. My first thought is that you need to run the updater as administrator to grant it rights to properly finish the update.

You said you didn’t play for a few days. Make sure you are on the latest version of the updater. This is the one you want, extract and replace. Run the updater. Make sure you don’t have anti-viruses blocking the updater or the program. McAfee, Norton, Avast are notorious for this.