Not being able to choose effect on U.A. Player Manager

  1. Bug description
    U.A Player Manager effect states that "If this card is special summoned: you can activate 1 of these effects.
  • target 1 card on the field, destroy it

  • negate the effect of all face-up monsters on the field until the end of this turn except “U.A” monsters

    when the effect is activated, it automatically choose the first effect.

  1. Bug reproduction steps

    Special summon U.A Player Manager in any way

  2. Screenshot OR error code

  3. Expected behavior
    it should give the option to choose between one of the two effects

When you encounter this issue, do you or your opponent have monsters face-up on the field that are not “U.A.”?

If you do not, that effect is not valid for activation, thus, when the game asks you “Do you wish to activate U.A. Player Manager” it is asking if you want to activate the only valid effect. If you say yes, it will then ask you to target 1 card on the field to destroy.

If you can supply a replay data this would help the team understand if this is a ruling issue, a bug, or mislabeled code.

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yeah, seems like i was wrong, sorry for bothering. it turns out if the oppenent has a normal monster, the effect could not be activated since it can’t negate anything. sorry for bothering

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