Noctovision Dragon is coded as a quick eff and not a trigger ef

  1. Bug description
    Noctovision is a trigger effect. (the in hand to special summon). So when i special summon striker dragon and activate its trigger eff the chain should be cl1 nocto cl2 striker -> opp respond or cl1 striker cl2 nocto -> opponent responds. currently opp can respond in betweeen striker and nocto. i also can not use nocto as cl1 in that situation in generel. He is probably coded as a quick effect.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    Normal summon any dragon. Have Noctovision dragon in hand. Link the dragon off into striker dragon and try to use noctos trigger ef.

  3. Screenshot OR error code (no promt for nocto just tracer) just chainable

  4. Expected behavior
    Nocto should be a trigger ef

As per OCG rulings, non-public cards are lower priority level. Hence, the Noctovision Dragon in your hand is non-public. Even though Striker Dragon and Noctovision are triggered simultaneously, Noctovision cannot be ever CL1 because it’s lower priority level.

This is even referenced in the official Konami database as a ruling when Goblindberg and Kagetokage also activate simultaneously. Kagetokage is in the hand, so it is non-public, which means Kagetokage can never be CL1.
Source: and the English translation here:

More about this here: TCG vs OCG Rulings - The Story so Far

The online automatic simulators, whether official or non-official, are programmed to follow exact rulings per OCG. This difference in SEGOC cannot be changed. Four years ago, prior to MR4, we had even bigger differences between TCG and OCG for SEGOC. At that time, we did consider actually changing the code to reflect SEGOC for TCG, but then MR4 happened and that was a waste of time since TCG adopted the same system of SEGOC as OCG (minus the non-public priority level). In the future, likely they will change again and follow OCG since the non-public priority level was not explained in the translated rulebook of TCG, but in the perfect rulebook.

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