No LP Bars on Low Resolution

  1. Bug description

After the latest update (this did not happen before it), if you start a duel in a low resolution the LP bars go bye-bye, even if you change back to 1080p resolution mid-way.
It’s fixed only if you start a duel again with a 1080p resolution.

  1. Bug reproduction steps

Change your resolution.
Start a duel.
Check and see that there are no LP bars.

  1. Screenshot OR error code

YGO Omega
(16:9 screenshot)

  1. Expected behavior

The LP bars should be at the top of the screen regardless of your resolution.

Edit: After playing a bit I think the problem is that the location of the bars are not relavent to the resolution (ex: ScreenWidth / number) but rather a fixed number (ex: 1500). So when I lower the resolution (to ex: 1280) that exceed that number, the bars go beyond the screen (ex: 1500 > 1280) so you cannot see them.

I have tested this out and it appears to have been fixed in the latest update. If this still occurs for you please let us know so we can look into it further.

Nope, the hotfix did not address this issue.
If you are, for example, on 1080p resolution and place the LP bars at the top of the screen, then change your resolution to 720p and start a duel again, the LP bars dissapear. If you change your resolution mid-duel the LP bars work as expected though (until the next duel starts).
Same goes for the “displayed card”, it gets weirdly repositioned.

This issue still exists and the “reset UI” button in options (which fixes this) can only be used if you are specifically: in 1080p resolution, you are dueling and are in zoomed-out view mode.