New t.g not working

  1. Some of the new t.g cards do not work, rocket salamander first effect doesn’t work, over dragner shows a text box after resolution and glaive blaster doesn’t activate none of its effects

  2. For rocket salamander I summoned it and tried to use the effect
    For over dragner use and resolve eff
    For glaive blaster I synchro summoned it normally
    replay pastebin


4. Rocket salamander should have allowed me to tribute a tg monster, over dragner wasn’t supposed show that text box, and glaive buster should have allowed me to banish itself or other the other synchros on the field

  1. I’m playing on windows 11

Try these again in 30 minutes

both dragner and salamander are working fine, but glaive still not working

Try it again

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