New Duel Links skills preventing online duels

  1. Bug Description
    It seems that the bug itself is that the new skills aren’t technically being recognized as such. You can host a game and test the deck in question, but anyone looking to join up with you online won’t be able to join and says that “Invalid amount of [Demon’s Resonance].”

Also, with the skill [Shooting Star Road] it will activate to allow the summon of Formula Synchron, but you can summon more than one AND the battle position is automatically in ATK mode.

The issue occurs even when using an unlimited ban list with a card pool of ALL, so that when others join my Host, they are kicked immediately.

  1. Bug reproduction steps

    I believe the issue itself is how the skills are being handled. Simply search [Shooting Star Road] and [Demon’s Resonance] and you will discover that they are colored like a Spell, instead of the usual blue like a Skill.

When looking to join a queue, it will fail.

  1. Screenshot OR error code
    Invalid amount of [Demon’s Resonance]
    Invalid amount of [Shooting Star Road]

  2. Expected behavior
    A game should queue with no problems, even when using an unlimited room with an All card pool.

Try again

We will look into this.

I just hopped back online to host against a bot and the summon mechanic of Formula Synchron off of the skill Shooting Star Road is working as expected.

The Skill Shooting Star Road still shows invalid when using the Duel Links latest ban list, however it is within Duel Links now as a valid skill and still appears as green, unlike the other skills that appear as blue. When playing under Unlimited and hosting it is able to be used.

The same is true of Demon’s Resonance. It too works as expected outside of that from my testing.

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