Myutant Clash does not work properly

  1. Bug description
    I play with a Myutant deck, and in the past 3 or so matches had a Myutant Clash on the field, I activate its effect and in all of those matches Clash didn’t gave me the option to banish 1 Myutant monster from the GY to Negate the effects of a eff monster that my opponent controlled.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    Have a Myutant on the GY > Set Myutant Clash > Have the opponent activate a Effect Monster > Activate Myutant Clash


    Clash I have a recreation of the glitch with the IA on a solo lobby

  3. Expected behavior
    Clash should be able to be CL2 and on resolution banish one Myutant from the GY to negate the effects of my opponent Effect Monster

  4. What OS are you using


Thank you for making a bug report.

I believe the issue was that the text for the buttons was swapped.

I have tested this out now and have noticed that the text has been updated. Now specifically stating the cards effect that will be activated when flipping Clash.

Please try again.

Once again, Thank you for helping make Omega be the best it can be.

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