Mystical Refpanel

Does Mystical Refpanel work on Pot of Prosperity and Left Arm Offering. I was in a Mystic Mine mirror match and for shits and giggles I sided in Refpanel. I never had a chance to use it on those two cards do to my opponent destroying it before the opportunity came up. So I thought I’d ask here

You should be able to activate Mystical Refpanel in response to Left Arm Offering, but not Pot of Prosperity. The rulings for Refpanel are finicky at best, but I do believe this is accurate.

Left Arm Offering only applies to one player (Add 1 Spell from deck to hand), but Prosperity applies a damage reduction to the opponent, so it doesn’t only apply to one player.

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thank you for replying! So basically if it tells a player to do something Refpanel can be used but if it has a side effect it can’t if I’m understanding this correctly

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