My Omega crash all the time

  1. Bug description

When I playing, if I click out of the window of the game, YGO Omega crash, so it is hard to play without use discord or another things, and it is very difficult to join and watch a friend

  1. Bug reproduction steps

I start the game, and I click out of the window, It’s all

  1. Screenshot OR error code

Unfortunely nothing, the game crash, windows ask me to close or wait, and if I wait I’ll waiting a long time for nothing

  1. Expected behavior

No idea :confused:

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In the pinned sections of #Tech_Support of the Duelist Unite discord server it has been noted that this is a bug that is occurring. The solution is to not use windowed mode or run in compatibility mode. The team does not think this is something unique to YGO Omega, as it seems to be a common problem with Unity, the game engine.

This is a link to the post calling out this problem : Discord

And this is the link calling out the solution to the problem: Discord

If you cannot see #Tech_Support, please read the #rules channel first and it will give you access to the rest of the Duelist Unite discord server.

Please mark this as the solution, and the topic will close in the next 24 hours. Thank you!

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