My ban appeal to @AntiMetaman

  1. Do you know why you were banned? If so, state the reason.
    I was banned due to an argument that broke out between me and AntiMetaman. I asked for help as my friend was having an issue with importing a deck through the deck manager and instead of asking to search the computer for the ydk it asked to enter a name for the deck instead which confused me because I’ve never seen that before. I went to tech support to ask how to resolve the issue but I wasn’t met the direct response pertaining to the issue but rather other responses that seemed more insulting than anything and it instead sparked a heated back and forth between us two.

  2. Do you admit to what you did or do you disagree with the mod?
    I don’t agree with the way it was handled but if it were to start an issue I will just avoid asking for assistance altogether in the future if needed. I apologize for the remarks I made during that altercation but I feel they are justified for the responses I received.

  3. Why do you think you should get another chance?
    I’ve donated and wholeheartedly support this game. I believe this sim has some of the best potential we’ve seen from any other currently and I’ve numerously reported many bugs and issues with it because I want nothing more than to see how great the Duelists Unite team can make this. I’m not a person who enjoys making problems for others nor causing stress; so if I have, I again apologize. I am passionate about things I enjoy and more so for things I think are truly great (and there aren’t many). All in all I just want to be here as a supporter and a friend to the staff and community that this game has built, not against it.

You asked for help on how to import the deck. I answered the question the first time. Your friend clicked on import and was asked to type a deck name. He did and then got a blank deck. I told you that this was because your friend had something invalid in his clipboard. That all he had to do was clear that by copying something else. After that you said, β€œThanks for nothing.”

Then I went on to explain you 5 different ways of importing and why moving ydk files and navigating folders takes more work and that you can do it with one click. Then you went on to say that omega is complex and weird compared to other games. You were the one who initiated the comparison to other games. I then told you examples of official games that are already using a import code system. Edopro also uses it. Then you went on to say Edopro always works and Omega does not. Then you said it’s β€œcrap” and to β€œfix your ■■■■”. This is an attack not against me but the game itself.

I told you then that Omega has been open beta for 5 months and that edopro is the result after 8 years of development. You didn’t care. You aren’t sorry for your actions at all. You believe it was wrong to be banned in the first place. You have no respect for the team nor the people who volunteer their time to work on this game and provide support. You may have donated initially to support the game but your actions show otherwise.

People like you discourage others from even helping or trying to help. It discourages the devs who try to take risks to innovate and make a new game from scratch.

It is perhaps better for you to play Omega when it has no bugs and is out of beta or to stick with edopro indefinitely.

This is completely false and wrong. I would like you display exactly what was exchanged through the chat during that period. How you acted towards me and my friend, saying things such as β€œDo I really have to teach how to copy and paste in 2021” or β€œYou don’t know how to even use Edo’s features, let alone Omega” was completely uncalled for. I do NOT attack people nor have I attacked anyone in this server. If I had no respect for this game it would not have been on my computer to start. The proof was in the discord how the entire conversation happened and I would like to ask the opinion of the team how it was handled. I have respect for each of their hard work and dedication they put into this (yes, including you) again. I apologized for my remarks but you have not ONCE apologized for things you have said towards me nor my friend. Every member of this team’s effort is noticed by me and you should know that because you have resolved most of the issues I have came across and were at one point the person I always looked to personally for anything pertaining to Omega in the first place.

I will definitely admit that I said β€œDo I really have to teach how to copy paste in 2021?”. I said this after you chose to import a ydk file or to navigate folders. This is a true statement and it is not insulting to the degree of β€œfix your ■■■■”. At no point did I insult you directly.

You can prove me wrong actually by explaining to me how to import a ydke in edopro if you know how to use edopro. If you can explain that, we can lift your ban sentence and reduce it to 1 week. This is whole discussion started with importing decks. If a beta tester does not know or have the patience to learn new things, then they should not be a beta tester. If you want to continue beta testing, you need to demonstrate that you now have the knowledge on how to import a code.

We can refund your donation actually and you can stay out of beta. Just tell me your paypal.

I’ll explain in the way I personally have been accustomed to importing it. I either download the ydk of the deck I’m attempting to put into the sim and directly place it into that game’s β€œDeck” folder directory. Or I copy the ydk file and manually paste it into the same directory. That is what I and my friends are used to doing when adding a new deck. In Omega’s case I have not found it to be different until that occurred. Everyone has their way of going about it and whether or not that’s comfortable with you varies person by person. It’s what we are comfortable with and have been doing regarding that.

The question I asked is not about Omega anymore. I’m asking you to explain how to import with two moves a ydke code in edopro.

In the case of copying a ydk file into a β€œDeck” folder, you can already do this in Omega. This was the #1 method out of the 5 different methods I told you. The β€œdeck” folder in Omega is located in YGO Omega_Data/Files/Imports. This is the longest and least efficient way to import decks.

Everything you can do already in ygopro in terms of importing decks, you can do in Omega. You just didn’t know how to do it.

Until you can explain how to import decks in edopro correctly, this ban will stay.

Here is a sample: 2021-6-7 dragon link - YGOPRODECK

Tell me how to import this deck in edopro without using ydk, without using folders. In two moves, how to do it?

You export the ydk file and press CTRL+V in the deck editor and it will paste the deck.
I copied the YDKE to the clipboard and pasted it into the game using CTRL+V in the deck editor screen

Correct. You click the ydke button on and press CTRL+V in edopro. Similarly, you can press export in Omega and press CTRL+V in edopro.

Since you have answered the question, your ban will be revoked after 1 week.

I’m willing to learn if given the opportunity. Thanks.

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