Miragestallio lingering effect not working with error popup

  1. Bug description
    After using miragestallio effect, ?:-1: attempt to call a nil value (method 'IsNonAttribute') pops up constantly for the rest of the turn. It’s probably the lingering effect.
    Edit: it’s definitely the lingering effect which isnt working.

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    Start a game with salamangreat with gazelle and spinny. normal spinny. link into balelynx to summon gazelle. spinny special itself. xyz spinny and gazelle for miragestallio. miragestallio effect to summon jack jaguar (it can be anything). link jack jaguar and balelynx into sunlight wolf. Now the error should start popping up and it will pop up constantly.

to see the error have a maxx “c” in hand. activate the maxx “c” after using miragestallio effect which says you cant activate monster effects for the rest of the turn except fire monsters. maxx “c” is an earth monster.

  1. Screenshot OR error code

  2. Expected behavior
    after using miragestallio, it shouldn’t be possible to activate the monster effects of non fire monsters. also there shouldnt be a popup.

  3. What OS are you using
    Win 10

Hello, thank you for making a bug report.

Are you playing in the Local game mode? If so the offline core is out of date and is causing these issues. At this time, please play using the online mode. You can still host private games and play against bots in the online game mode.

Once again, thank you for making a bug report. Let us know if you are not playing in the local mode.

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