“MIND SCAN” skill card only has “speed duel” version. There should be “Duel Links” version

  1. Bug description
    “MIND SCAN” skill card only has “speed duel” version. There should be “Duel Links” version
    In fact, the “speed duel” version doesn’t work either.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

“Duel Links” version.
Mind Scan | Decks & Statistics | Duel Links Meta

“speed duel” version
Mind Scan - Speed Duel Decks: Destiny Masters, YuGiOh - Online Gaming Store for Cards, Miniatures, Singles, Packs & Booster Boxes (tcgplayer.com)

  1. Screenshot OR error code

  1. Expected behavior

the correct effect of MIND SCAN :
From the third turn and onward, you can see the opponent’s set cards as long as your Life Points are 3000 or higher.

Try again

It works now.
However, it have some problems.

1.the effect can not work on oppoent’s turn.
(For example, this turn(3rd turn) is oppoent’s turn. He sets a card.
I should be able to see what card he sets on that turn.)

2.the effect negative itself forever when my LP is less than 3000.
(it should active itself when my LP is back to over 3000)

3.the card text is not fixed.

In DL, it is like a continuous effect.
Therefore, when I am in the condition which is LP over 3000 and turn over 3, it should always work.

Try again

the problem 1 is fixed
the problem 3 is not fixed. (it seems text fixing is in charge of by someone else?)

the problem 2 still has some bug.
It works when it actives itself on 3rd turn.
If my LP is from below 3000 to over 3000, the skill card still works correctly.
However, If my LP is less than 3000 and the game enters the 3rd turn, the skill card will not work forever.
Because it will not flip over in this condition and it becomes face-down forever.


Try again

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It works correctly now.
All effect problems are fixed.
Thanks for your fixing.

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