Metal Reflect Slime Bug

  1. Bug description
    Metal Reflect Slime doesnt stay in Monster zone sometimes, it just asks me in what zone I wanna place it in once it got summoned to the monster zone, and then it ends up being in the S/T zone

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    Activate Metal Reflect Slime in a Chain as the first card.

  3. Screenshot OR error code
    Screenshot by Lightshot

  4. Expected behavior

  5. Opponent summons Dragunity Dux. 2. I chain Metal Reflect Slime, 3. He activates Dragunity Dux. 4. I chain Infinite Impermanence. 4. Metal Reflect Slime goes to the Monster Zone and immediately asks in what Zone I wanna place it in (S/T Zone)

It seems to me that you summoned metal reflect slime in the column that infinite impermanence negated . As far as i know that is what happens when trap monsters are negated , you can confirm that in the rulings channel in the discord if you want .

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