Mausoleum of the emperor

The problem is that it is possible to negate the summon of a monster whit a solemn like effect when you use the effect of Mausoleum of the emperor. Neither in OCG nor in TCG is it possible to do it, since the invocation is in the resolution of the effect so the windows to negate it its close

To help the team figure out what is going on more closely please provide more information. Which solemn like effect, or monster with similar effect were you trying t to activate when your opponent was using the effect of Mausoleum of the Emperor?

I tried it on purpose since it is a ruling that tends to fail in games, when I said solemn like effects I mean all cards tha negate summon like solemn judgment, solemn warning, saber hole, Horn of Heaven, etc. All that cards can not negate the summon of a monster summoned byt the effect of mausoleum of the emperor, in ygo omega you can do it and thats the bug.

Understood. I have tried the scenario out and see what you are talking about. The summon has resolved at the end of the card’s effect and thus should not present that window of time to attempt to negate the summon.

I wonder how the ruling is handled for the True Draco spells and traps vs Judgment/Warning cards as well. I’ll bump this up to the rest of the team.

This is something you can do for the tru draco spells/traps because they mention, “Immediately after this effect resolves” which means the summon is happening after the effect resolves which is why you are allowed to use cards like judgement and warning to negate the summon. You’re not negating the true draco spell/trap.

thats rigth, the problem its only whit mausoleum


According to this, Summoning monsters using Mausoleum is considered a Normal Summon and counter trap cards that negate the Summon like Solemn Judgment can be used.

This is the OCG ruling. Now, if there is some official TCG ruling in writing that says otherwise, we can maybe script it but I doubt it. I think this is just an old case of some misunderstandings of rulings long ago.

In case of an official database ruling that supports this interaction:

That is, you can use Solemn Judgment or Horn of Heaven in response to a monster Summoned using Ultimate Offering.

Sorry but you are wrong, you can not negate it whit solemn like effects, it says that is considered a Normal Summon clarifying that isnt a tribute summon, but actually the monster summon on the resolution of the effect, same case of ritual or fusion summon, thats way you can not negate it.

Even on the third FAQ of the link of you posted says that can not be negated. Its not a misunderstood.

The faq I linked says you can activate it. However, if a monster is summoned by the effect of “Ultimate Offering” activated at chain link 2 or later, “Solemn Judgment” or “Horn of Heaven” cannot be activated to negate the summoning.

A Tribute Summon is treated as a Normal Summon, but not all Normal Summons are Tribute Summons.

I’m not sure what I’m misunderstanding. If there is a specific scenario or question, please state. You can also email US-TCG, EU-TCG, or the official OCG office for clarification. I need something in writing from an official source, not word of mouth.

The “Immediately after this effect resolves” is not even part of the original Japanese card text of Ultimate Offering. It was added by TCG and it’s an old card, with likely outdated PSCT. If we are using official database rulings from OCG as a base, then the official card text in the OCG should be used as a base too.

Even these 3 cases are Special Summons. In these cases, Solemn Judgment cannot be chained to negate the Summon because it cannot interrupt a card effect that is still resolving in a chain. This is consistent and does not contradict the above ruling. For the same reason, you cannot activate Solemn Judgement to negate a Special Summon by Polymerization. Ultimate Offering is the most similar card to Mausoleum that has an official database entry.

The question really is if Summoning a monster via Mausoleum is considered still resolving and hence, Solemn Judgment cannot be activated or whether it is just treated as a Normal Summon.

If you have other official rulings with similar interactions, you can source them here and we can discuss, but at this point we need to use official sources as a basis to formulate the logic and not our own interpretations of what the card does or not.

From Lantern:
Mausoleum of the Emperor works much like any of the other dozens of cards that perform Normal Summons like this (note that I’m not referring to Special Summons because what you were sourcing earlier is for Special Summons). You can look at cards like Constellar Sombre, Evilswarm Kerykeion, and Gemini Summoner. Every card like this performs the summon after resolving the effect. None of them perform the Normal Summon during the resolution.

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